Nathaniel Sonnier

Be stronger than your excuses!
Name:Nathaniel Sonnier
Occupation:Health Coach & Personal Trainer
Hometown:Lafeyette, La
Before:Weight: 166lbs
After:Weight: 192lbs
Favorite My Macro Food: Lasagna and Olive Garden

Why Should I Choose My Macro Fitness?

MyMacroFitness has changed my life and it can change yours too!  I  started my journey in the military. My role in the military was training soldiers in physical fitness for deployment to Iraq. After spending 20 years in the military, I attended the University of North Texas and earned my bachelors degree in rehabilitation and kinesiology. I  hold a certificate in sports nutrition. I  current works as a personal trainer at Nautilus Family Fitness in Sherman, Tx and as a Health Coach with MyMacroFitness. The training principles of MyMacroFitness have helped me lose body fat and gain weight like never before. I enjoy helping people in their weight loss journeys and like to make training fun with comedy! Comment below or email. I look forward to helping you meet your goal!


Set A Goal, Choose A Strategy, Form A Game Plan, Reach Your Goal

Message me for more details about programs, or select a program here. I am excited to help you reach your goals! There is no better time than now.

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