Name: Beth Bowen
Family Status:Mom to a fantastic son
Occupation:Mom, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer
Hometown:Sherman, Tx
Starting Weight:173lbs
Current Weight:115 lbs
Favorite My Macro Fitness Food?Pizza, Chic-Fil-a, Starbucks

Why should I choose My Macro Fitness?

My name is Beth Bowen. I was born and raised in Sherman, Tx. I graduated from SHS in 1993. I went on to receive an Associates of Science in Elementary Education from GCC, and I attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University  majoring in Elementary Education. I got married in 1998, and our son was born in 2000. I have been a single mom since 2008, and I am now a certified personal trainer and health coach at Nautilus Family Fitness and My Macro Fitness.

During the course of my marriage, my son and I suffered through domestic violence. We are both survivors, and during the course of this time, I put my focus into fitness to relieve stress. My outlet was working out, getting fit, and trying to take back our lives. After learning the principles of My Macro Fitness and applying them to my life, I vowed to not allow anyone else to make me feel bad about myself or how I looked. It is my passion to end the body shaming and take back myself respect and self esteem.

Besides working out and working with my clients so they can achieve their personal goals, I enjoy spending time with my son and enjoying life together.

The principles of My Macro Fitness Changed My Life and they could change yours too!


I vowed to end body shaming. Fitness changed my life and it could change yours too!

I would love to here your story. Select a plan below to change your life and start working with me!

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